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RSA Security Admits Cyber Attack from Two Nation State Groups

Two groups may be responsible for cyber-attack on U.S based security firm RSA Security earlier this year, according to new revelations.

The breach of RSA Security's networks resulted in hackers obtaining the perfect platform to attack a key defence contractor for the government.

The firm’s executive chairman Art Coviello revealed this information during the RSA Security Conference hosted in London.

"There were two individual groups from one nation state, one supporting the other. One was very visible and one less so," said RSA executive chairman Art Coviello, according to a report by the Inquirer.

"We've not attributed it to a particular nation state, although we're very confident that with the skill, sophistication and resources involved it could only have been a nation state," he added.

The firm stated that though it was only a simple, but malicious Excel attachment that exploited the security loophole in their system, the attack was indeed a highly sophisticated one as it was almost impossible for investigators to trace the culprits.

RSA did not disclose the name of the nation-state it believes is behind the attack.