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Ruling from Australian Judge to Determine Fate of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales for Holiday Season

By Thursday an Australian judge will rule on whether Samsung should be barred temporarily from selling tablet computers on the grounds that it copied Apple massively popular iPad.

The judgement will be delivered by Federal Court Justice, Annabelle Bennett in Sydney around noon, a court spokesperson confirmed.

In the lawsuit filed by Apple, the company is asking the court to impose a temporary injunction against sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia before a final hearing concerning patent infringement, which may last for a month.

Samsung, which is the world’s largest technology company based on sales revenue, intended to start selling its tablet in Australia in mid-October to take advantage of increased sales from the pre-Christmas period.

According to a Sydney based attorney for the company, if this can not happen, then the the product can be considered “commercially dead” as this would leave the product with less time on the market before being superseded by an upgraded version.

The ruling by Justice Bennett will be based on two patents, both of which are related to touch screen technology.

This suit is part of global battle fought between Apple and Samsung in which numerous cases have been filed by both companies against each other mostly concerning patent issues.