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Sling Media Launches SlingPlayer for Android Honeycomb Tablets

Sling Media announced on Tuesday that it is making one of its most popular products - the SlingPlayer, available for Honeycomb powered tablets.

With this move by the company Android tablet users will be able to access their favourite TV programs right on their Honeycomb powered devices.

SlingMedia has made the new offering available in the Android Market for a price of $29.99. On being connected to a Pro HD or Slingbox Solo, users will be able to change channels using their tablets, and not just that, they can also control their DVRs, as well as enjoy TV shows anywhere, anytime, provided there is an Internet connection available over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

The app can turn an Android tablet into a remote control and it comes with an integrated TV guide that looks and feels exactly the same as a normal TV guide would do. It can access the DVR, search new channels, set up favourite channels etc.

"A Slingbox is the perfect accessory to an Android tablet," Raghu Tarra, senior vice president and general manager at Sling Media, said in a statement, PC Mag reports.

"When combined with SlingPlayer, now anyone with an Android device can enjoy a beautiful, personalized TV experience anywhere in the world," he added.