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Sony Locks 93,000 User Accounts Following Suspected Breach

After an incident of mass hacking attempt came forward, Sony Corp., which is world’s second largest maker of video game consoles, locked almost 93,000 user accounts of its online gaming and entertainment services.

Spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka of Sony said that between 7th and 10th October “A massive number” of unauthorised ‘verification’ attempts were detected. He also said that the efforts involved usernames and passwords matching 93,000 accounts including at least 35,000 in the U.S. and 24,000 in Europe. Personal information that includes addresses, of some of the users may have been also compromised.

There are no complaints from the customers yet and credit card information are safe, Fukuoka commented.

Back in April, in a massive hack attack, accounts of more than 100 million customer were compromised, which is the second largest online data breach in U.S. history.

Nobuo Kurahashi, analyst at Mizuho Financial Group Inc. in Tokyo said “The bitter memory of the April attack still lingers.” according to a report by the Business Week.

Sony said that the set of username and password that have been used are from other companies. There has been no other clarification in this regards yet. Sony’s press release can be found here.