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Subscription-based Website Carmine Gets VC Investment From Accel Partners

Carmine, the provider of a "subscription-based beauty discovery service", announced today the launch of its UK website as well as an undisclosed amount of funding from Accel Partners.

The website offers to its users a subscription based service that allows them to discover and test products from what Carmine calls "some of the most popular and upcoming brands".

Users signing up will get five beauty product miniatures to sample each month. The catch of course is that there's a monthly £10 subscription fee that doesn't include P&P.

That said, there are three different plans to choose from and we're told that users will get a discount for longer subscriptions. They will also be able to answer questions in a quiz to provide a more personalised service.

“With our new service,” says Michiel Kotting, Carmine’s CEO and Founder, “we hope to delight consumers with new finds and all kinds of perks, while providing brands with a powerful way to engage with beauty addicts”.

Global venture firm Accel Partners, which invested in Facebook, Etsy, and Wonga in the past, is funding Carmine’s series A. Carmine's service is slightly similar to Groupon except that there's no subscription fees in the latter but a one-off payment for each product/service purchased instead.