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Vodafone gets Aggressive, Drops Prices for iPhone 4S

With the official iPhone 4S release date approaching fast, carriers are refining their strategies to entice new customers. Vodafone recently (opens in new tab) announced its decision to cut prices for iPhone 4S by up to £120.

UK subscribers will notice price drops for all three storage capacities, depending on their choice of contract duration.

For the lowest monthly cost of £26, subscribers will have to pay £239 upfront (down from £359) if they want a 16 GB iPhone 4S with a two-year contract. However, they will get this model for free if they agree to an 18 or 24 month contract and a monthly fee of between £46 and £67.

Additionally for the 32 GB iPhone 4S on a two-year contract the price has dropped from £439 to £359, and for a 64GB iPhone 4S under the same conditions, subscribers will have to pay upfront £449, £70 less than originally advertised.

Vodafone officials explained to Pocket-lint, "We've looked at the offers available to customers and wanted to ensure we remained competitive." Industry observers expect that Vodafone is probably looking at getting the lion's share of iPhone 4S customers in the UK.

Maybe it would be a little sceptical to suggest that the initial high pricing could have been a pre-conceived plan to benefit from the positive PR boost of these drastic price cuts.

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