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Zynga Reveals New Games, Web Services; May Part Ways with Facebook

On Tuesday Zynga revealed a series of new games along with web-based services. This shows the new business strategy of the company that is focusing on creating its own platform for social games and may be parting ways with Facebook.

The list of Zynga’s new games includes a bingo game designed to attract more of the casual players. It was the casual players only who made games like ‘Poker” and “FarmVille” hugely popular.

In addition, mobile versions of Zynga stalwarts, for example “Words With friends” and “CastleVille” which happens to be a graphically richer game, as well as the likes of massively popular “World of Warcraft” are also available.

Behind these strategies of Zynga, stands a project called Zynga Direct, which according to Mark Pincus, CEO Zynga, is “a platform for a direct relationship with consumers, whether on the Web or mobile.” according to a report by San Francisco Chronicles.

Zynga also revealed part of its Project Z, an online gaming service which has been named vaguely and the officials said that it is “coming soon”.

Not much detail has been released by the company yet, but it is expected that the services can be considered as a sort of gateway to all of Zynga’s games.