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7 Windows 8 Features That Will Make You Buy It In 2012

Few days ago, Microsoft introduced Windows 8 as its main platform for future PCs and tablets, making even the most diehard Apple fans rethink their next year shopping strategy. The operating system looks sweet and original, with designers keeping the classic “simple, but perfect” principle that stood behind Windows Phone 7, the mobile OS found today on several smartphones. For all of those wondering what’s new in Windows 8, today we are going to present some basic features and screenshots of this wonderful instalment.

Starting from the top, Windows 8 brings a lot of new elements to the OS table. The user will experience a drastic visual change, brought by the new and unique user interface. Although there are still tons of things to carry out, the developer version that was just released, allows testers to see that Microsoft wants a world where tablets are not the end of the PC era; they stretch and simplify a principle by introducing these new features

Support for ARM-processors: Although the basic CPU behind a desktop was manufactured using multiple-layered technology, years passed away without a major breakthrough. ARM, a simple and power-friendly 32bit architecture can now be used on a Windows 8 systems. This means that power consumptions will be drastically reduced and if you assess this information from a tablet or laptop user view, the battery will drain slower.

Windows Store: Similar to the Android Market, the Windows Store will be a place where a normal, not-so-tech savvy user can enter and purchase an application. This option will decrease the stress of searching for the right antivirus, a good movie player and so on. Microsoft hasn’t announced yet if games can be bought here.

Multiple-screen Wallpaper: Using this new option, Windows 8 users can now have wallpapers stretched on several displays. The principle is around since ages, when dual-screening became a fashion but, was more or less implemented using a 3rd party application.

It boots faster: A couple of months ago, Google advertised the new Chrome Laptop; a machine that could boot under 8-9 seconds or so. Microsoft wants to do the same thing, by optimising its OS to start really fast. An official time hasn’t been announced, because it’s depends on what kind of gear you have. We took a peek on the web and saw times less than 6 seconds.

Metro Interface: This is Window 8‘s new UI that basically relies on simple click principles to work. It keeps the most important apps within reach and makes “browsing” easier. This element will truly make some users miss the old Windows 7 but, once you get the hang of it, it’s wonderful.

Low RAM and CPU usage: Developers promise us a stable build that would put Window 7’s RAM and CPU usage to shame, needles to speak about Vista.

Improved Windows Explorer: The main processes behind Windows, the Explorer has now been overhauled. It uses Ribbons as elements, a new file copying system and for those that need disk images to live, it now supports ISO mounting options.

All in all, this is the first sneak peek on what Windows 8 has to offer. Later on we will present all these elements in details so be sure to check back.