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'Anonymous' claims BlackBerry BBM outage

A video claiming to be from 'hacktivist' collective Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the BlackBerry BBM messaging outage that has affected millions of users on five continents for more than three days.

There's no clue as whether the video (opens in new tab), posted on video-sharing site YouTube yesterday - before the BlackBerry service interruption had reached users in the United States - is genuine.

The same computerised voiceover used on earlier Anonymous announcements declares that the organisation has the power to bring down all of the BlackBerry handsets in the world, ridiculing "middle-aged" users for owning a device that "hasn't been cool since 2000" - before signing off with an ironic "sent from my BlackBerry Curve".

With none of Anonymous's trademark typos are on display, however - or any coherent explanation of exactly how they brought the BBM network down - there's a big question mark over the message's authenticity.

Even so, reports have been popping up all over Twitter about the claim, linked by the hashtag #OpBackBerry.

On the face of it, the grand claim seems unlikely. Back in the real world, BlackBerry maker RIM announcing today that it had identified the hardware issue to blame for the outage, and hoping to get users worldwide back online before the weekend. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.