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Apple Quietly Pushes Apple TV 4.4 Update

Apple has rolled out another update, this time for the A4-based Apple TV which brings support for Photo Stream, AirPlay mirroring, NHL Hockey, content from Wall Street Journal and more.

Photostream allows you to view photos on Apple TV that have been uploaded to an iCloud account, while AirPlay mirroring allows you to wirelessly mirror content of your iDevices (iPad or iPhone) on your TV using Apple TV.

Apple has also beefed up its paid sports subscriptions with NHL content, while content from the Wall Street Journal remains free for now.

Furthermore, the update addresses a number of security issues including one vulnerability which would have allowed hackers to get hold of login details and cause the system to hangup.

The Apple TV OS is a custom-made version of the current iOS platform which explains why Apple released the update shortly after iOS 5 was rolled out.

While Apple TV has often been viewed as a secondary product because of the comparatively small revenue it brings in, it could well join the iPhone and the iPad as a lucrative money earner should Apple decide to shove it into its own Apple TV television.

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