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Beware, Fake Netflix Android App Lurking in the Wild

A fake Netflix app for Android has been doing rounds on the marketplace, which is capable of stealing user information.

According to security software maker Symantec, the fake app, which looks like the legitimate Netflix app has been discovered on an online forum.

The rogue application is capable of stealing the users’ log-in information and sending them a remote server. The application then displays a message claiming that it is not compatible with the hardware and tries to uninstall itself.

The server, which was being fed the stolen user information, has gone offline, the company reported.

“Because of the so called “Hardware Fragmentation” issue surrounding the Android Platform, a popular online streaming video service in the U.S. had initially pushed an Android client app in a limited release to certain devices that provided the best user experience,” Symantec explained.

“Owing to the popularity of the service, it wasn’t long after the initial release that multiple unsanctioned developer projects sprung up attempting to port a pirated copy of the app to run on devices that were not officially supported,” it added.