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Blackberry Outage: RIM Should Give Playbook Discounts

It dawned on us that RIM could try to overturn the current negative general opinion about the Blackberry brand (following the outage that affected tens of millions of its users), by taking a gamble and offering a significant rebate to those wanting to buy a Blackberry PlayBook.

Doing so would allow RIM to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, it would provide RIM with an excellent opportunity to reconnect with its customers and offer them the equivalent of a financial apology.

Additionally it would allow RIM to sell more PlayBooks at a time when Amazon and Apple are threatening to make the rest of the tablet manufacturers all but obsolete. Increasing the user base of PlayBook owners would also mean that more of them would explore new features like the ability to pair the tablet with a Blackberry phone for BBM and BIS.

A £200 rebate off the suggested retail price would certainly go a long way to appeasing the current public frustration and PR debacle that occurred during the outage.

The cheapest Playbook currently on the market is sold at Amazon for £240, but given that the Amazon Kindle Fire - which is basically a customised version of the PlayBook - will sell for under £200, this is an ideal opportunity for RIM to seize the moment.

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