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CTIA Study Says US Has More Wireless Devices Than People

In a new study conducted by CTIA it was found that in U.S. there are more subscribers of wireless services than people.

At the end of June as per the study by CTIA, there were 327.6 million subscribers of wireless services in U.S. whereas there are 315.5 million people living in U.S. and its territories.

In its statement CTIA said that this is the first time when there are more mobile devices operating rather than people living in the country.

"Clearly, we're using wireless more every day, and the consensus of experts is that demand will continue to skyrocket", said CTIA President, Steve Largent reports The Chicago Tribune.

CTIA also mentioned that this growth of the wireless services has helped carriers to increase their revenues. The wireless service revenue hit $164.6 billion in a period of 12 months that ended on June this year which is 6 percent higher than the revenue of the same period last year, reported CTIA.

CTIA also released some statistical data related to the state of the wireless industry. These data shows that there is positive growth and huge potential in this industry.

The credit for this growth goes to the increasing popularity of the iPhones and Android based smart phones. Data shows that during the last reported quarter which ended on June 25 Apple sold more than 20 million iPhones globally, reported c|net.