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Defence Tech Company Raytheon UK Falls Victim to Cloud-Based Cyber Attack

Defence technology maker Raytheon UK revealed that it had come under a cloud-based cyber attack aimed at stealing company information.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on ZD Net UK, the head of Raytheon’s cyber security department, Vincent Blake, claimed this was the first time hackers used a cloud based technique to launch a cyber attack.

The attack, which thankfully proved unsuccessful, targeted 20 Raytheon UK employees with access to the company’s system.

"We recently saw our first cloud-based attack, where the cloud was the enabler to the attack," Blake told the RSA Conference in London.

"We had 20 people targeted. It was looped back through a cloud service. Two of the individuals did click [on the link in the phishing email]. We fortunately detected these two [when they] started beaconing through [to] the cloud and we picked it up through the beaconing," he continued.

Blake pointed out that the attack was foiled by sophisticated detection engines that have an automation mechanism. The company claimed that ever since it started supplying missiles to Taiwan, a country ‘next door’ had shown a great interest in its intellectual property, leading to a rise in cyber attacks.