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Foursquare Utilises iOS 5 Features Through Radar

On Wednesday Foursquare introduced Radar, an update to its existing iOS app that enables users to find out more about the place and surrounding they are visiting.

The Radar will change Foursquare from being a check-in centric app to an app that will alert the users of places, people and things which they might want to visit near wherever they are at that particular moment of time.

All these functions are performed by Radar by using the location tracking and geo tagging features. Location tracking and geo tagging are present in the Apple’s iOS 5 mobile OS.

The director of products at Foursquare Alex Rainert said in an interview that "We've always felt that Foursquare is about experiencing the world around you, and what's exciting about Radar is you can use Foursquare without having to actually pull your phone out of your pocket," as reported in The Los Angeles Times.

As an update to its iOS apps, Foursquare’s Radar feature reached the iDevices on Wednesday. Besides all the above things Radar will also notify the user when they are near a location where three or more of their Foursquare contacts have checked in.