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Getting Error 3200 When Installing iOS 5? Don't Panic

If like me you were getting Error 3200 messages when trying to install iOS5 yesterday (and ended giving it up for the sake of your sanity), don't panic, you were probably one of the hundreds of thousands who tried to update their devices within the same short period.

This ensured that Apple's servers were swamped and it resulted in Apple's massive server infrastructure being overwhelmed by demand and refusing to serve some requests.

More specifically, Error 3200 refers, according to Apple's support page, to "a network-connectivity or traffic issue. If you see this error, wait an hour or more and try again."

It is likely though that you will have clicked on the "more info" button only to be greeted with a generic "Resolving update and restore alert messages" page.

Bear in mind that iOS 5 will need the latest version of iTunes, currently on Windows and checks whether your operating system is up to date.

Windows users need to bear in mind that Microsoft has been rolling out some updates over the last 24 hours so users may need to restart their computers.

As for my update woes, they were resolved this morning and the whole process of upgrading from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5 took just under 30 minutes.

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