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Google Brings TV Add-on For Android SDK

Google has released an official Google TV add-on for Android paving the way for more devices that will use Android to power services that are delivered on the big screen.

The release comes two months after a preview of the SDK was unveiled, though differences are said to be minor between the two releases.

The action bar now renders horizontally as is the case with other Android devices, plus other additional keys have been introduced for quick access like: picture in picture, fast forward, channel up/down etc.

Yesterday we reported that Intel had officially given up on introducing its consumer electronics chip, the Atom, in television sets although we're unsure whether that means an exit from the set top box market altogether.

Intel used Google's platform to power Google TV boxes which were manufactured by Sony and Logitech, which proved to be relative commercial failures partly because of the cost and the limitations.

That said, some entrepreneurs in South East Asia had already started to introduce their own versions of Google TV with a bog-standard version of Android (Gingerbread or Froyo), and the fact that quite a few phones and tablets now come with HDMI out ports means that they can be easily connected to a television set.

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