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Google Engineer Describes Google+ as ‘A Knee-Jerk Reaction’

The best possible way to generate curiosity and gain some popularity in the current times is by posting something on Google+ publicly, which should have been posted privately.

This is what a Google engineer Steve Yegge did and gained instant popularity yesterday. Yegge posted something in his Google+ feed which was quite critical of Google+. This post was meant to be internal post visible to those who are in his intimate circle. However, it went out to the world and became visible for everyone.

In the post, Yegge among other things described Google+ as “a knee-jerk reaction” and “a pathetic afterthought” as a platform.

Afterwards he withdrew the post from eyes of the public and an explanation was posted by him which says, “But as it was midnight and i am not what you might call an experienced Google+ user, by the time i figured out how to actually post something i had somehow switched accounts”, reported by c|net.

His latest comments on Google+ can be seen as a wakeup call for Google. Yegge feels that Google does not understand platforms at all and this is because “most of the teams think they’re building products.