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Google and Samsung Wait for Right Moment to Introduce Android-Powered Nexus Prime Smartphone

Google and Samsung may unveil the new Nexus Prime smartphone at an upcoming conference in Hong Kong.According to an article on Engadget, the two companies are planning to introduce the device at the All Things Digital Asian conference in Hong Kong on Monday.The device is expected to be powered by the Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich, which is supposed to unite the smartphone and tablet version of Android on a single platform.The two partners were expected to unveil the device and the highly awaited operating system during the CTIA conference in San Francisco. However, they decided to cancel the event as a sign of respect for rival and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.The news had sent shock waves across the tech world, but the companies said that it was not an appropriate time for the release.Nothing concrete has been reported about the rumored Nexus Prime launch in Hong Kong and Engadget did not cite any sources behind the rumors. Nonetheless, all eyes will be on the All Things Digital event in Hong Kong.