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iPhone 4S Teardown Reveals New Qualcomm Chip

As per previous Apple launches, teardown specialists iFixit have produced a short but informative teardown of the iPhone 4S one day before it is expected to go on sale in the US and the UK.

The guide is currently in the process of being written with reloads being made regularly over the next few days to account for any recent changes.

The iPhone 4S still comes with Pentalobe screws, which could mean that Apple is no longer worried about whether DIYers tinker with their phones or open them up.

The procedure for opening the iPhone 4S is described by iFixit as being familiar and further analysis has revealed that the battery used in the iPhone 4S is only a smidgen more powerful than the previous one.

There's also a Qualcomm RTR8605 Multi-band/mode RF Transceiver, a Skyworks 77464-20 chip, another Avago ACPM-7181 Power Amplifier, a TriQuint TQM9M9030 Multi-Mode Quad-Band Power Amplifier Modul plus a TriQuint TQM66052 module.

The analysis also confirmed that the phone had 512MB RAM plus a new chip, a Qualcomm MDM6610 chipset, an Apple 338S0973 Power Management IC and a Toshiba THGVX1G7D2GLA08 16 GB 24 nm MLC NAND flash memory.

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