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iPhone 4S has Worst Standby Time of Any Apple Phone

At the release event of the iPhone 4S, Apple presented to media and worldwide fans a series of upgrades which the new smartphone sports. One such improvement highlighted by Apple is that the new 4S gives you up to 8 hours of talk time as opposed to just 7 hours on the iPhone 4.

Not so well publicised is that when it comes to standby time, the iPhone 4S lasts for just 200 hours (opens in new tab), compared to the 300 hours its predecessor offers. In addition, Wi-Fi browsing time has dropped from 9 hours with the iPhone 4 to 8 hours on the iPhone 4S.

The shortcoming was not foreseen by most, as the previous models were constant on this front. Following the 250 hours standby time of the first iPhone, the next three generations each offered 300 hours. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S II, for instance, offers 710 hours of standby on 2G networks and 610 hours on 3G.

The iPhone 4S' weakness could be caused by the very characteristics that the new device is proud with: the A5 dual-core processor takes more power than expected even if it is not being used. Alternatively, Siri Assistant could be the demanding individual who is draining battery life.

We recently wrote an article giving some other reasons not to buy the iPhone 4S. That's not to say we don't think it's a very good smartphone, supported by Apple's peerless software and services.

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