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Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear SatNav Pulled Over by BBC

In-car satellite navigation firm TomTom has been forced to withdraw a BBC Top Gear branded navigation device after BBC Worldwide decided to scrap the deal.

According to an article on The Telegraph, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson had lent his voice to the TomTom GO Live Top Gear branded navigation device.

However, the BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of BBC, decided to cancel the deal after it ruled that Clarkson, who was part of a popular TV show, could not endorse a particular car related product.

When the BBC decided to cancel the deal, TomTom had already produced 54,000 units of the device. The corporation has forged a new deal with the company, allowing it to sell the devices it had produced for £189. The BBC has announced that it will donate its share from the deal to Children in Need charity. TomTom will not be allowed to make any more of the device.

“In order to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest in the minds of viewers, BBC Worldwide and TomTom have agreed that all monies that would have been due to BBC Worldwide will be paid to BBC Children in Need together with an additional charitable donation by TomTom,” BBC Worldwide said in a statement.