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Lenovo Becomes Second Largest PC Company in the World; Takes Dell's Spot

Lenovo announced today that they have replaced Dell to become the world’s second largest personal computer company.

Listed on both Hong Kong and New York stock exchanges, Lenovo is a computer and electronic device maker.

Citing various figures released by International Data Corporation (IDC), which is a global business intelligence provider for the customer technology market, Lenovo released a statement declaring victory over Dell.

IDC followed five quarters which demonstrated Lenovo is the fastest growing PC maker among the top vendors in the world.

Preliminary data from IDC shows Lenovo has acquired a record market share of 13.7 percent with a quarterly shipment volume of 12.6 million units.

Yang Yuanging, CEO of Lenovo, said in just two quarters, the company has achieved the No.2 spot in worldwide sales and superseding two competitors. He also said this is the highest rank Lenovo has achieved in worldwide PC sales.

Lenovo, which serves customers based in more than 160 countries and regions, is a personal technology company and a global Fortune 500 company with annual sales worth $21 billion.

Lenovo’s latest achievement has made them a strong challenger to ultimately become the global market leader, Yuanging added.