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Microsoft Adopts Hadoop for its Big Data Analysis Tools

Software giant Microsoft has announced the integration of open source big data analysis Hadoop platform with the upcoming SQL Server 2012 and the Azure cloud computing platform.

The announcement, which was made during the Microsoft PASS Summit 2011, was a part of the opening keynote that Microsoft delivered during the conference.

The company said that it planned to release the preview version of Hadoop on the Azure cloud computing platform this December while the SQL Server will be released for preview in 2012.

“We are committing to compatibility with the Apache code base,” Doug Leland, general manager of product management for SQL Server, told The Register.

“We’re also making a commitment to work closely with the Hadoop community on this; we want to make sure the code base of Apache stays compatible with what we will be offering as a service.” he added.

Microsoft also announced that it had forged a partnership with Hortonworks to gain assistance for integrating Hadoop with SQL Server 2012 and Azure.

Analysts believe that Microsoft has made the right move in adopting the Hadoop platform for SQL Server 2012 and Azure, particularly if it wants to compete with IBM and Oracle in the big data analysis market.