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Microsoft offers miffed BlackBerry users a Mango

Cunning Microsoft - an outfit that knows a thing or two about annihilating competitors - sniffs an opportunity in RIM's current BlackBerry woes to plug its own Windows Phone 7 Mango phones.

The firm is offering 25 of its new-fangled phones to BlackBerry users who feel the urge to publicly complain about their gadget's reduced functionality as RIM's network woes rumble on.

A volish evangelist, Ben Rudolph, announced the competition on Twitter. Rudolph tweeted:

‘#DearBlackberry users: frustrated w/ your BB? I want to help! Tell me y u want 2 upgrade 2 a #windowsphone - I've got 25 to give away.’

Certainly, handing out 25 free handsets is hardly going to make a big dent in Microsoft's bank balance, and the resulting publicity is well worth the insubstantial investment, it seems - especially since many users replying to the feed are also dissing Apple's iOS 5 update which is running into the usual sorts of problems.

One writes: "The iOS 5 upgrade is a disaster. Erased all my contacts. They're not in any "cloud." I just became a Windows Phone customer."

Another says: "BB, you left a really bad taste in my mouth, Apples are sour and I hate Icecream Sandwiches. Give me Mango."

However, the author of this particular tweet, chriskhalil, - like a few of the others - has never tweeted anything before, this being the only utterance 'he's' ever made on an account seemingly set up expressly for the purpose of this Tweet. Suspicious? You betcha. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.