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Opera Showcases Hardware Accelerated Opera 12

Norwegian web browser maker Opera has previewed the next version of the Opera browser, which will come with hardware accelerated graphics.

Modern web browser makers are scrambling to add hardware accelerated graphics to their product lines as it not only results in better graphics, but also increases the battery life and enables other features.

At the company’s Up North Web event in Oslo, Opera demonstrated the alpha version of the Opera 12 web browser.

Opera said that the upcoming web browser will come with hardware acceleration capabilities for Cascading Style Sheets, Canvas 2D which is used for drawings, for text and the WebGL 3D graphics technology, c|net reports.

“Firstly there's hardware-accelerated graphics featuring WebGL. What we have here is a web app that connects via JavaScript to the device driver and enables you to control the camera. The main change in Opera 12 is the internals, we reimplemented completely our HTML parser and reworked how JavaScript is handled,” Christian Krogh, Opera's chief development officer, reports techradar.

Unlike hardware accelerated graphics supporting Internet Explorer 9, which only works on Windows Vista and Windows 7, Opera wants Opera 12 to run on Windows XP as well, to ensure maximum reach.