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Rebtel Updates iPhone App to Switch Between Network and Voice Calls; Reduces Call Cut Off

VoIP services provider Rebtel has designed a new version of its iPhone app which allows users to switch from network calls to voice calls. Network calls being cut off due to poor connectivity is a common problem with VoIP apps.

The Rebtel 2.0 app, currently only available for the iPhone, features a KeepTalking button that allows people to continue talking by quickly switching to a voice call.

The company states it typically takes 2 seconds for calls to switch between data and voice and that once the users switch to voice, the usual carrier charges apply, based on their plan.

“Our app makes smart decisions based on price and data connection quality. The app allows you to call any phone or PC anywhere over WiFi/3G or the cellular network using local minutes, and allows users to seamlessly switch between the two if data coverage deteriorates. It’s the best of both worlds and will ensure huge user savings of up to 40% compared to services like Skype,” said CEO of Rebtel, Andreas Bernstrom.

This new technology should be a welcome relief to those who make a lot of business calls using VoIP.