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Samsung Rejigs Smartphones to Circumvent Dutch Sales Ban

Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung is planning on updating its smartphones that were banned in the Netherlands in an attempt to circumvent the ban brought upon it by Apple.

According to a news story on The Wall Street Journal, the company said that it was modifying the smartphones which the court in Netherlands said were violating Apple’s patents and start re-selling them in the country.

"Some of the technologies that Apple claimed violated their patents can be easily modified with alternative technologies,” a Samsung representative said.

The company also hinted that it might adopt the same approach in markets where Apple is currently planning to or already has procured a ban against Samsung devices.

This move by Samsung doesn’t mean that Samsung has bowed down to Apple. Samsung said that it will continue to fight Apple toe-to-toe in the Netherlands and everywhere else in the world where Apple has filed lawsuits against the company.

Samsung’s feud with Apple began when the iPad maker launched a lawsuit against the company in California, claiming that it ‘slavishly’ copied its designs. Since then, Apple has filed lawsuits in Netherlands, Australia and Korea.