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US Carriers Announce iPhone 4S SIM Unlock Conditions

US wireless carriers Sprint and Verizon have announced that users of the upcoming iPhone 4S will be allowed to get their SIMs unlocked to be used on GSM networks.

The iPhone 4S device is the first Apple phone which supports both the CDMA and GSM networks. AT&T, America’s largest mobile phone carrier, operates a GSM network while Verizon and Sprint have a CDMA network.

According to PC World, Sprint and Verizon have confirmed that they will be able to remotely unlock the SIM card when users are travelling to some other country.

Sprint said that customers won’t be able to remove the SIM from the device but will be able to get it unlocked while travelling abroad. A Verizon spokesperson said that users will be able to remove their SIM while on roaming but they would have to be on Verizon for 60 days before they are able to do that.

As AT&T uses the GSM network, which is a standard the world over, its customers won’t be able to remove the SIM cards but will be able to avail benefits of the various partnerships AT&T has with wireless carriers around the world.

On the other hand, SlashGear states that it is only Verizon which will offer unlock to customers in good standing, while Sprint has backed out of such an option.

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