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£329.99 Toshiba 32DL833B HD Ready LED TV and Built-in DVD Player & Freeview

The Toshiba 32DL833B with features such as built-in DVD player, LED technology, integrated Freeview, built-in USB connectivity, etc. and backed by Toshiba’s quality and technological excellence, this widescreen TV is sure to take up centre stage in your home entertainment setup without going too heavy on your pockets.

Toshiba has made available a built-in DVD player saving you space as well as giving you the ability to do away with at least 2 pairs of cables and one less remote to manage while you are enjoying your favourite movie. Not only movies, you can even watch your pictures, downloaded DivX movies, play mp3 files from DVDRs.

The 32-inch 32DL833B supports HD resolution of 720p and you can experience all your favourite movies and TV shows in high definition. Being HD Ready, this TV has the ability to display HD pictures from any HD source.

With LED technology, the advanced backlighting system guarantees clear picture, more vibrant colours, high contrast, while consuming less energy.

Toshiba has integrated a Freeview digital Tuner allowing you to get started right away as soon as you take out the TV from the box.

2 HDMI ports allow you to connect Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, other gadgets allowing you to enjoy HD Content. The TV also contains a PC input – meaning you can even use the TV as a monitor.

The Toshiba 32DL833B HD Ready LED TV and Built-in DVD Player & Freeview is available from Amazon for £329.99.