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Apple To Launch New Macbook Pro Laptops? Looks Like It

Apple may be on the verge of releasing three new Macbook Pro laptops according to a report from tech news website, 9to5mac.

The site says that stock is currently low for a number of models, and a few new stock keeping units have appeared in Apple's inventory listing; they are the K90IA, K91A, and K92A and are likely to be minor updates rather than having significant upgrades.

What changes could Apple bring to the new range? The shell is likely to remain the same but the hardware ought to be changed; better processors and GPUs, more memory, bigger hard disk drives, Bluetooth 4.0 (like the iPhone 4S and the Macbook Air) and a new motherboard maybe.

All in all, it might be better for those looking to purchase one to hold on for a while.

As for a potential drop in price, we'd bet against it happening based on the fact that Apple usually tends to be quiet about price increases but vocal when it cuts them.

The company may also be looking at how the Ultrabook fares in general because rivals like Dell may already have larger format Ultrabooks (with full HD 17-inch screens for example) in the pipeline.

Given that Intel wants to push Retina displays (2560x1440) on 13.3-inch screens and bigger, big ultrabooks wouldn't surprise us.

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