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Apple Newsstand Arrives to the UK through iOS 5

iPad maker Apple has dished out the Newsstand platform in the UK, which will allow users to subscribe to digital versions of popular magazines and newspapers on iDevices.

According to Techradar, the feature, which comes with the new iOS 5 platform, will allow users to purchase the digital versions of UK based magazines on their iPad and iPhone.

Among some of the first publishers that will be offering digital magazines on Newsstand include Future Publishing, which will offer tech reviews magazine T3 and movie centric magazine Total Film.

Meanwhile, Conde Nast will be offering the Vanity Fair, GQ and Wired magazines in their digital avatars on Newsstand. Publisher Hearst Publishing will be offering Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Runner's World. Newspapers like The Guardian and Metro will also be available on the iPad, via Newsstand.

With subscriptions at an all-time low, it remains to be seen how Apple helps revive the publishing industry with the iPad.

Newsstand was released as a part of the highly awaited iOS 5 update, which brings in more than 200 new features to the platform, including Siri, a voice-based virtual assistant and iMessage, which like the BlackBerry Messenger, will allow iPhone users to communicate with each other for free.