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New Bluetooth Modes Could Save iPhone Battery Life

This week, Apple filed a patent application for "Automatic Power off of Bluetooth Device from Linked Device". In a nutshell, users will be able to disable multiple bluetooth-connected devices with just one press of the button, which could improve battery life, Apple Insider reveals.

This will prove useful for the people who forget to turn off headsets at the end of a call and it continues to drain battery. And let's face it, we've all done that. Apple's new invention (opens in new tab)allows users not only to completely shut down a Bluetooth enabled device, like a headset, but will also gives the option of programming power modes to save battery life.

The users will be able to choose between Sniff (the device is looking for signals at a lower rate), Hold (the device remains synchronized and active but is not participating at the communication) or Park Modes (the device is synchronized but not active). The invention can be attributed to Michael M. Lee, Jeffrey L. Terlizzi, and Christopher D. Mckillop.

iPhone 4S will hit the market today and it will be the newest device (and the very first smartphone) to support the Bluetooth 4.0 standard, after MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

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