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Google Reportedly Planning MP3 Music Store

Google, after introducing cloud music service, is opening an MP3 store to compete with Apple and Amazon.

Google introduced a cloud music service with limited capabilities five months ago and now they are in talks with major record labels to expand the service.

A number of music executives are saying that in next several weeks Google is eager to open the MP3 store reports The Wall Street Journal.

The executives, on the condition of anonymity, on this private and continuing matter said that most likely the store will be connected to Google’s cloud service, Music Beta that allows users to create back up of their music on remote servers and then stream them to mobile phones and other devices.

A Google spokesperson refused to comment and also the music labels do not have any official comment about Google’s plans.

Google is expected to announce the MP3 store before Apple opens its newest cloud music program which is iTunes Match.

iTunes Match was unveiled earlier by Apple, which is expected to operate by the end of October. However, Google’s position depends upon whether they will be able to close the necessary deals with music labels and music publishers in time to open a full-service store or not.