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Hackers hit Xbox Live gaming network

Xbox Live accounts have been hacked during the past week, with the hackers spending users’ credit on EA’s FIFA football games, according to a report on gaming news site Eurogamer.

The hacked accounts were used to buy FIFA Ultimate Team packs for the FIFA 12 game. According to one Xbox 360 gamer known as ‘Speedjack’, someone had accessed his credit card details to purchase Microsoft points, " ...all spent on FIFA 12 content packs yesterday afternoon while I was at work."

The hack comes just two days after Sony locked 93,000 accounts on its PSN Network and Sony Online Entertainment services after it detected unauthorised attempts to access them.

Microsoft has responded to the Xbox Live hack by freezing some accounts for up to 30 days while investigates the matter. Some have suggested that the hackers may have contacted EA’s online support in order to obtain further details about their victims’ accoutns.

EA has issued no comment on the alleged attacks. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.