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iOS 5 Download Glitches Exasperate iPhone Users

Users who have been trying to upgrade to iOS 5 have come across some annoying setbacks, the Washington Post reports.

The new operating system has been available since Wednesday on Apple servers and can be downloaded from the latest version of iTunes, although customers have reported that the upgrade experience can be frustrating.

While some report long download times for iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion upgrades, others couldn't connect to iTunes at all. Other glitches, such as memory being wiped off and persistent error messages have also caused headaches. A lot of these will have been caused by the fact that Apple's servers have been facing huge demand during these days.

However, if you need to make this upgrade now, hope that everything is going to be just fine, take a deep breath and a prayer wouldn't hurt. Then upgrade to iTunes 10.5, then connect your device to the computer and hit Update button on the page that appears when you plug in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Now, be patient and best of luck!

If your device does happen to get frozen or the memory gets wiped, resetting and restoring the device from back-up files stored on the your computer should take care of the problem.

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