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iPhone 4S Teardown Unearths New Battery and Baseband Chip

The iPhone 4S hits the market today and teardown specialists iFixit have already revealed some of the iPhone 4S' internal components, discovering that the battery is somewhat larger than the one in the previous model.

After disassembling the newest Apple device, iFixit's inquisitive team discovered a new battery having an extra 0.05WHrs and a modified connector which makes it specific to the iPhone 4S. This battery was advertised as offering an additional hour of talk time on 3G networks, while the 100 hours lower standby time compared to its predecessor was kept rather quiet.

The teardown of iPhone 4S also exposed a new Qualcomm MDM6610 baseband chipset. This allows the customers to use their iPhone over CDMA and GSM networks, as the iPhone 4S was advertised as a "world phone".

In addition, the integration of A5 dual core chipset leads to other alterations of the previous internal design. The iFixit engineers were also able to confirm previous reports that the A5 chipset has 512 MB of RAM.

There are more findings and pictures of the iFixit teardown here.

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