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iPhone 4S UK Stock & Launch Update

The iPhone 4S went on sale officially in the UK at 0800 and in six other countries with queues across the country at Apple stores. As usual, some fans have been queuing up for days in order to get their hands on Apple's latest and greatest.

We've been told that, unlike past years, Apple has been giving out numbered cards to those queuing in order to make the purchase process faster, reduce the number of queue jumpers, get a precise idea of stock and most importantly, allow people to take breaks without having to worry about losing their spot.

We've compiled a list of nearly 200 iPhone 4S deals across the six major mobile phone operators in the UK which have announced it already; Tesco Mobile was the latest to do so and we're waiting for Talk Mobile and Virgin Mobile to follow suit.

Apple stores are the only place right now where you can buy the phone unlocked/SIM free. You can also buy the iPhone 4S from Handtec (opens in new tab) or Expansys (opens in new tab) but expect to pay a significant premium. All other shops are selling the six iPhone 4S SKUs on pay monthly deals only, with no pay as you go deals currently on offer.

Apart from Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile, 3 and Orange, the other online retailers that are selling the iPhone 4S include Carphone Warehouse (and affiliates OneStopphoneShop (opens in new tab), Mobiles (opens in new tab), e2save (opens in new tab) and thephonespot (opens in new tab)), Phones4U (opens in new tab), dialaphone (opens in new tab) and Buymobilephones (opens in new tab). Only and Prepaymania amongst our regulars have yet to offer the iPhone 4S for sale.

You can still enroll in our competition to win an iPhone 4S by answering a very simple question before the 21st of October. Terms and conditions as well as the other details are here.

Désiré Athow

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