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Microsoft Bags Another Android Patent Deal, This Time Through Quanta

Microsoft has entered into a deal with Quanta Computer Inc. under which Quanta Computer will receive patent coverage to Quanta devices running platforms from Google Inc.

Microsoft and Apple have accused Google’s Android operating system of using their patented technologies without licenses. Thus, Google and its Android partners have been facing a number of lawsuits that attacks Android over patent and trademark infringement issues.

At present, technology companies are using intellectual property as a defense against litigation as well as a weapon for counter suits.

The deputy general counsel in Microsoft’s Intellectual property group Horacio Gutierrez said, “We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Quanta, and proud of the continued success of our Android licensing program in resolving IP issues surrounding Android and Chrome devices in the marketplace," Market Watch reported.

Microsoft declared that it will receive royalties from Quanta though no financial details about the deal have been revealed yet.

The past few months has witnessed a number of licensing agreements with a handful of hardware companies using Android.