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Microsoft Windows Phone Sales Lowest in Q2 Claims Analyst

It has been a year since the Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform was launched and a recent analysis showed that this company’s share in the global smartphone market has hit its all time low.

As per analyst Horace Dediu, the Redmond, Washington based company’s partners sold 1.4 million smart phones in the second quarter of the current year.

If this figure is correct then it means that Microsoft was only able to capture a 1.3% share out of the total smartphones sold.

As per the estimation of Gartner, partners of Microsoft sold 1.7 million Windows Phones during the same period leading to 1.6 percent share of the market.

Now, Nokia is ready with its very first batch of Windows Phones and with this, it is expected that Microsoft’s struggling mobile platform will pick up.

On the other hand, Nokia’s mobile phone business has been on a downer since a while now and it seems that both the companies are banking on each other’s might to turn things around. Microsoft is asking its partners to allocate a sizable marketing budget to get the most out of the launch of Windows Phone Mango handsets.

Many analysts believe that Microsoft’s share of the smart phone market will top all platforms soon and that Microsoft’s Windows Phone is the best bet to make.