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Steve Wozniak Waits in Line Overnight for iPhone 4S

In front of the Apple Store in Los Gatos CA, the queue started a day before customers could get the hands on the iPhone 4S. First in line to get the new iPhone was the enthusiastic Steve Wozniak, CNN reports (opens in new tab).

Although the Apple legend could obviously receive the latest device without having to wait in line like the rest of us, he is known for being the first one in the queue on such occasions. "I want to get mine along with the millions of other fans" declared Wozniak.

Moreover, he confessed he doesn't even call Apple officials to get secret information about the new devices before the release. He likes to be surprised by Apple's strategy in innovation every time.

On previous release dates there were some who commented that Steve Wozniak had cut in line to be the first to hold the newest device, although he always said that people let him go ahead to be the first to enjoy the new Apple product.

This time the iconic co-founder of Apple really was the first in line (as can be seen in this CNN news footage (opens in new tab)) and he spent the long hours of waiting talking with friends and fans, signing autographs, drinking Diet Dr Pepper and just having a good time.

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