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U.S. Dept. of Commerce Denies Huawei's Participation in National Wireless Network; Reasons Vague

The U.S. Department of Commerce has decided not to explain the reasons behind blocking Huawei from participating in a project to build a national wireless, an official from the department said.

"This was a national security decision about a public safety network,” the official wrote in an email on Thursday.

The official, who requested not to be named, also added, “The specific concerns won't be elaborated on, because we don't conduct national security analyses in public." reported PC World.

A major telecommunications equipment supplier, Huawei, is looking for answers as to why they were denied the opportunity to participate in a project that aims to create a nationwide wireless network for use by police, firefighters and emergency personnel.

The official said the department’s National institute of Standard and Technology informed the company its decision on 30th September.

The Acting Secretary for the Department of Commerce, Rebecca Blank, finalised the decision after consulting with relevant U.S. government agencies.

As additional clarification, the official also added the decision has no bearing on any other government project.