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Users Not Disappointed By iPhone 4S

According to a recent study (opens in new tab), all the pre-launch rumours and hype that raised expectations of a highly upgraded 'iPhone 5' hasn't affected consumers' enthusiasm for the iPhone 4S.

71% of the respondents declared themselves as not being disappointed with the new iPhone model, despite some having hoped for a new design, larger screen and 4G connectivity.

The survey gathered answers from about 1300 US smartphone users and showed only 11% of the respondents really wanted a new design, and an additional 7% were hoping for a larger display. 17 % of the users consider that 4G connectivity is the bonus feature that is missing from iPhone 4S.

Among iPhone 4 users, the expectations were unsurprisingly higher. Already having the best iPhone available, they were waiting for a serious reason to upgrade.

Only a little more than half of them declared that are not disappointed with the iPhone 4S. 29% of the iPhone 4 users had hoped that the next model would sport 4G connectivity and 21% hoped for a new, more stylish design. Under the circumstances 42% of the existing iPhone 4 users plan to upgrade to iPhone 4S, less than indicated in the August survey.

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