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Extreme Weather an Issue for Microsoft Data Centre in Iowa

The major weakness in Microsoft’s IT-PAC modular data centre design is its sheer inability to handle the extremely changeable Iowa weather pattern, according to a new report..

The report, first published by the Des Moines Register, claims to have exposed a major flaw in Microsoft’s IT-PAC modular data centre design.

It seems Microsoft is not too happy about PACs collection assembled during the first phase of the Iowa data centre project, so they are planning to enclose the PACs in a steel building for the next phase.

The weather, which ranges from bitterly cold, dry weather that can drop to sub-zero degree to sweaty, sultry summer days which can hit 90+ degrees with very high-humidity, makes keeping data centre temperatures constant a huge challenge.

The highly unpredictable weather causes damage to the louvered side construction of the standard Microsoft IT-PAC as it is particularly vulnerable to this type of extreme weather.

Modular data centres are a critical component for rapid deployment of data centres, however it seems that the facility's infrastructure has become an important concern for Microsoft at least when building data centres in Iowa.