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Google Silences Buzz To Focus on Google+

On Friday Google announced that it is going to shut down the beleaguered Buzz social-networking service in coming weeks, in order to focus more on Google+.

In addition, the search giant has shut down the Google Labs site and replaced and with Google Product search later in the day yesterday, as a measure to get rid of several lesser-known products.

Google will be ditching Buzz and API, however, the present Buzz content will be available for the users to view on a Google Profile and it will be downloadable from Google Takeout.

Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of products at Google wrote on The Official Google Blog, “We learned a lot from products like Buzz, and are putting that learning to work every day in our vision for products like Google+".

Buzz which was introduced in February 2010, unlike Google+ had a rocky start. Buzz added “news feed” feature to Gmail and also on the Android phones and the iPhone it incorporated Google’s mobile offerings.

But, later on, amidst concern as to what information was to be displayed publicly, Google soon tweaked Buzz so that users get more control over their settings.

Google termed this action as “fall sweep” and is a part of Google's CEO Larry Page’s new product-focused management structure.