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IBM Acquires Nirvanix to Expand Cloud-Based File Sharing and Storage for Business

IBM has finally acquired a cloud service that will enable ubiquitous access to data. This is the result of a five-year OEM deal with Nirvanix.

IBM, who was looking for a partner to supply its enterprise cloud storage service, announced that it has selected Nirvanix for the job.

Under the deal, IBM will be incorporating the storage service with its own cloud to enable enterprises to upload and access any file of any size from anywhere in the world.

The Nirvanix service automatic file update capacity was designed to replicate files changed on the Nirvanix cloud throughout the worldwide system.

Currently, the practise for most services is that they upload the same file multiple times in multiple regions, but impose strict limitations on the size of the file. Changes in the files are not reflected automatically anywhere else.

No specific data was been made available regarding the availability of the new Nirvanix services in the IBM cloud, but as per expectation, the new service will be available in early 2012