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Microsoft and Computer Sciences Corp. Offer Insurance Management Suite, Integral, on MS Servers

Microsoft Corp’s Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 will now come with Computer Sciences Corp.’s (CSC) most coveted insurance offerings.

The two companies signed a technology development, marketing and sales alliance agreement under which Computer Sciences’ Integral insurance suite with Microsoft’s server offerings will be made available to users.

This combined pack will be offered through insurance carriers towards the end of this calender year.

Under the agreement, Computer Sciences will receive technical guidance from Microsoft in assimilating the integral suite into its latest server platforms.

Computer Sciences' Integral insurance suite, one of the most comprehensive administration suites, includes life insurance and annuities/pensions, property and casualty/general insurance as well as group insurance. Integral offers end-to-end policy/group management, product configuration and business analytics solutions.

This deal between Microsoft and CSC was created to provide aid to insurance carriers with the rapid deployment of new insurance software through advanced servers.

In fact, the research conducted by Microsoft shows that banks and carriers are adopting Windows and SQL servers to update legacy platforms.

These trends suggest this new venture will be beneficial for the insurance sector as well as Computer Sciences and Microsoft.