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Microsoft Reveals Improvements to Windows 8 Task Manager

Microsoft has revealed more details about Windows 8 during a discussion about improvements made to its new Task Manager.

Ryan Haveson, a group program manager, in a post (opens in new tab) on the Building Windows 8 blog stated that the team h a s assessed how the Task Manager is used by people currently and then redesign i n g it by focusing on optimi sing for the most common scenarios.

Haveson’s team found that of the several tabs across the top of the current Windows Task Manager , people only use the first two tabs t o end an application or process.

Thus, the redesigned Task Manager for Windows 8 has made this interface simple w i t h t h e r e m o v a l o f the extra tabs to make it look cleaner .

The new Task Manager makes is easier to identify each apps a r e in use on a system by grouping t h e apps, background processes and windows processes. The processes for which the user is not sure , Windows 8 has a context menu option that let the user right click on the process to search on the web to know more about the app.