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Oracle's Code Base Renamed Apache by The ASF

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) continues to accept contributions from volunteer developers to work with the OpenOffice code base. This, despite the fact that the LibreOffice fork of OpenOffice is growing in momentum.

The OpenOffice project is now officially an Apache Podling - the very first step towards becoming a full-fledged Apache project.

Oracle, in June, gave the code base to Apache as a possible future project.

In a statement posted on The Apache Software Foundation Blog,"...the way to move this forward is via the ASF, which owns the trademark and official code base. This is our chance to be able to pull together our talents towards a cohesive goal and protect the project's ecosystem."

Apache disclosed this information at The Document Foundation’s LibreOffice Conference that took place this week in Paris.

LibreOffice, created in September 2010, is a project created by OpenOffice developers who were worried about Oracle’s control of the code base. It started as The Document Foundation to develop a separate version of the software.