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Privacy Concerns Raised by US Congress Over Kindle Silk Browser

US Congress is working hard to wrap its collective head around Amazon’s new Silk Web Browser present in its Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire is a much anticipated tablet from Amazon which is scheduled to be released on Nov 15. However, it seems the yet-to-be released product is already suffering from legal complications, and being subject to questions raised by various corners.

Recently the Silk Browser became an issue for the Kindle Fire. Silk Browser has been termed as a very fast browser that uses cheaper hardware because all Web activities are filtered through Amazon’s cloud-based Amazon Web Services.

Eventually this has been the topic of discussion for last few weeks as the Silk Web Browser essentially can track whatever the user does on the Web and worst, keeps a permanent record.

However, now Congress is getting involved in this debate and has already turned this into a bipartisan issue.

A letter has been issued [PDF] by Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that states his concern over Silk and has asked the CEO to provide answers to few questions that are mentioned in the letter by Friday, November 4th.

In the latest development Amazon has reminded that users can completely turn off the split-browsing mode and use Silk like any other conventional Web browser.